About Us

I remember watching my grandpa work...

It always started the same way - an old, rough chunk of wood in his equally rough hands. He had spent his days at war, protecting our country. I wondered, sometimes, if his mind would drift to those days while he began chipping away at his newest piece of art.

I watched as he turned the chunk of wood this way and that, meticulously scratching, edging and refining each part of it with exact detail. He grabbed each required tool calmly, always knowing what was needed next. More times than not, I'd find myself unsure of what he was making. Of course, it always became clear as he blew the sawdust from his hands and handed over his newest creation.

I would hold it in awe. How is it that something so ugly and rough could become so charming, so detailed and so full of life? It didn't matter what he was making -- a bear, a zebra, a bird...the finished carving had become an extension of him, and it suddenly meant more to me than I could ever imagine.

I started viewing life differently. I was no longer looking at an ugly, rough piece of wood. I was looking at something that had not yet been shaped into it's full potential.

"It didn't matter what he was making -- a bear, a zebra, a bird...The finished carving had become an extension of him..."

Today, everything we make is designed with my grandfather's process in mind. Attention to detail, modern tools & calm exactness as we shape and reform each piece of wood. We're not just mindlessly making products. We're reshaping something ordinary into something productive and useful to help simplify & elevate your life.

We hope that as you hold and use our products, you''ll feel that same deep appreciation we have for each piece of wood that comes through our shop. And, like my grandfather would reshape the wood that would become his precious carvings, we hope that our products help transform and shape your life in meaningful & impactful ways.

-- Cliff

Meet the Woodworkers behind Wood & Sense...

A closer look at the finer details...

Chris and Cliff became cube-mates at their coporation jobs. They'd spend hours chatting about gaming and bond over their childhood memories surrounded by woodworkers.

After some convincing, they got the okay from their families to go 50/50 on a CNC machine, allowing them both to tinker and design things they were passionate about. Chris wanted to make guitars, and Cliff wanted to make custom gaming accessories for himself and friends.

Together, they designed and created a variety of products. Hoping to generate a few sales to fund their own private projects, they released them into the world, not knowing how popular they'd be. As it turns out, their time and attention (and passion) would shift in order to build their new & growing business, and less time working on their own personal projects.

Art, Cliff's father, retired from his life of construction and wanted to join the company. Chris and Cliff brought him in and hold his knowledge of woodworking, design and engineering in high regard.


Chris, Cliff & Art are always tinkering and thinking of new products to help simplify and enhance your life. Stay tuned for even more great products to come.

Our Mission

To create quality products to enhance & simplify your life...