Custom Personalization

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Custom Personalization

$10.00 Sale Save


Handmade from sustainably harvested hard woods

Made from all natural walnut or cherry


Shipping is free for orders over $40.

Orders are typically shipped out within 2 business days from our office in Utah. If substantial delays occur, we'll reach out to you via email.

Handcrafted with love...

Every product we sell is handmade by our team of woodworkers. We have spent countless hours designing & perfecting each inch to assure that your experience is both beautiful and unique.

Sustainable materials...

We only use sustainably harvested hard woods to craft our products. We care deeply for the natural world around us and want our products to enlighten and heighten our world, not destroy it. We're dedicated to leaving the world better off than we found it.

Form & Function...

Our products aren't just pretty to look at (though they are) -- they're also functional, serving a meaningful purpose that will enhance your life in impactful ways. From helping you propose for your big day to reminding you to take your daily pills, our products are designed to enhance and simplify your daily life.

Ring Boxes

Pill Boxes

Coin Boxes

Cufflink Boxes